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At Harveys Interiors, we have put in place a finance option to help purchase your new sofa, or even any other products on our website. Getting finance to help purchase your new furniture will enable you to spread the cost over a given period of time. Our finance options even allow you to pay weekly or monthly, giving you more flexibility to manage your finances.

Within many cases, a small admin fee of £25 is all that is needed to get you new furniture into your home. You can choose when repayments are taken by direct debits from your bank. We recommend on the day you normally receive your wage or benefits paid into your bank. This will enable you to manage your other monthly/weekly household expenditures.

Getting a new sofa can be expensive and can stretch any budget to the limit. With easy re-payments, this will help with the overhaul cost of your new settee.
We make the application for finance as easy as possible. With snap finance, you can get pre-approved for a credit advance. This will be based on your total monthly income before any deductions, This will allow snap finance to give you the maximum credit line that is available,  We believe that this is the best option as you will know before you go through the purchase exactly how much credit is available for your pay weekly sofas.

To find out how much credit line you may have just follow this link  Get pre-approved for Credit

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