3 Month Old Sofology Sofa Sagging Badly

3 Month Old Sofology Sofa Sagging Badly

I purchased a sofa from sofology and it was delivered on the 23rd December.

Within a couple of days the sofa had started sagging quite badly. I spoke to them to log a complaint and the told me to plump up the sofa by working from the middle to each corner every time we've sat on it!

We gave it a few weeks and it got a lot worse. I spoke to them again and emailed some photos and even the lady on the phone was shocked how bad it was!

They arranged a technician to come and have a look. He came a couple of weeks later. He said with it being a brand new range they've had a lot of complaints about this particular range and that the filling was too soft and it would need new better quality filling. He turned the sofa over, unzipped the bottom and started pulling off the elastic supports that the cushions sit on saying that when they'd been manufactured, the warm foam filling had stuck to the elastic which then stops the air circulating the foam and stops it re filling causing the sagging look. He said that that's what he's been told to do and that it wouldn't stop it and that it would need new better quality filling but NOT to say that he'd said that! (Shocking) he said give it a couple of weeks and then call them back and say that I'm still not satisfied.

I called them today and they are saying they won't take it any further as the technician has said that he solved the problem and there's no longer a problem with the sofas!

Where can I go from here? The sofa is the new linara range and cost £3300 for a 4 seater, a 2 seater and a footstool

Any help would be great! Cheers

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