How To Check Your Credit Score?
There are three main credit scoring agencies in the UK: Equifax, Experian, Callcredit. You can request full details of your credit file for free or simply get your score online, which is also free. The main difference between the full credit file and online versions are that the credit file versions let you have a paper copy sent to your address, while the other is only available online. Each charge to access their services, although it’s possible to access for free through their partner sites. Credit scoring agency Access your score for free with Equ..
3 Month Old Sofology Sofa Sagging Badly

I purchased a sofa from sofology and it was delivered on the 23rd December.

Within a couple of days the sofa had started sagging quite badly. I spoke to them to log a complaint and the told me to plump up the sofa by working from the middle to each corner every time we've sat on it!

We gave it a few weeks and it got a lot worse. I spoke to them again and emailed some photos and even the lady on the phone was shocked how bad it was!

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DFS sales tactics

We heard from a former DFS employee who told us that he was unhappy at the way some staff members were selling added extras to customers, a sales technique he says was known as assumptive selling. They stated that “it’s really clever psychology, we talk about the sofa, we talk about the service and then just add everything on, congratulate you, thank you very much, make you feel really good and show you the door.” Although extras are detailed on the final bill, according to this insider, staff sometimes hide the cost of these extras within the monthly repayment figures and customers may not realise just how much the total cost will be “you say it’s going to be £40 a month and then you say thank you very much and get them to sign but in the mean time you’ve added all those things because I have mentioned them”.

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Want A Sofa From DFS But Don't Want To Wait

Have you been looking for a sofa and called into a DFS showroom seen the ideal sofa for you, but been told by the sales person ,that you have to wait over 8 weeks for delivery.   We have the perfect solution for you.

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DFS Reviews
We have put together a number of articles on some of DFS  sofas. these will help you make a sound informed decision when purchasing your new sofa.DFS Furniture PLC are by far the UK's biggest retailer currently owned by Advent International. DFS also own Sofa Workshop ,Dwell and Sofology(Sofaworks and CSL)  with amongst others owning and controlling.  Does this mean that DFS can dictate what sofas are available and at what price they are sold for?At Harverys Interiors we did test this out and was met with fierce resistance from DFS.     ..
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Snap Finance

Snap finance allows you to apply for finance without damaging your existing credit history. Snap finance process requests for credit on a soft basis,

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Milan 3 seater sofa

We produce the Milan 3 seater sofa in our factory in Oldham,This gives us the ability of producing many variations of the Milan 3str sofa, You can either have scatter pillow back cushions or the more traditional formal back cushions,

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Finance For Your Furniture Purchase

At Harveys Interiors, we have put in place a finance option to help purchase your new sofa, or even any other products on our website. Getting finance to help purchase your new furniture will enable you to spread the cost over a given period of time. Our finance options even allow you to pay weekly or monthly, giving you more flexibility to manage your finances.

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